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How to Make Your Brand Presence Felt Online

The dynamics of the online landscape can turn a catchy piece of promotional content into a trending sensation overnight. A video, a hashtag, a selfie challenge can get national fame. [...]

Hottest Trends in Digital Marketing that Your Business Needs in 2018

The digital market is like a huge, double-decker chocolate cake that everyone is hustling and bustling to eat. It is true that the prospect of growth online is infinite. It is also ... [...]

How Mobile-Optimized Websites Bring More Business to You

When was the last time you used your mobile-phone? Or, maybe you are using it right now to read this blog! Let’s begin by admitting that a startling percentage of humankind has become dependent on these sleek smart devices. [...]

Top 5 Smart Strategies for Clickable Content that Really Work

Gone are the days when the content was a simple medium of communicating information. In this post-digital era content must be optimized as a key to attract and engage the audience. [...]

How the Real Estate Sector can benefit from Website Marketing

One can say in India that Real Estate lacks real time information. And though the real-estate sector is facing a slump period, there are still untapped opportunities that digital marketing can offer. [...]

How we delivered success by creating a highly dynamic e-commerce website

E-commerce websites have the challenge of creating a browsing experience for its consumers that is both persuasive and delightful. The browser must get the ‘Voila’ moments without even realizing that there is a strategic design behind this surprising find – be it jewellery or any other product. [...]

How Avohi Delivered Digital Success in Healthcare

A recent study conducted by MIT’s Sloan Management Review indicates that organizations that aren’t ‘technologically mature’ are focused on individual technologies that wouldn’t have a long-term impact on their work. [...]

Social Media in Education

Education Institutes must leverage all the benefits of Social Media today, as it has become one of the most important channels for students across the world to connect with universities and educational institutes and take up their programmes. [...]

Welcome the age of Visual Marketing

There is a new trend on social media that’s catching up like wild fire. It’s so popular that the marketing gurus are assessing the potential impact it will have on the way the content is marketed. It also bluntly puts forth the fact that the age of long copy and text heavy content is over. People today like to see visually rich content that is easy and convenient to read and understand. And this content assimilation trait of consumers has become one of the hottest trends seen in Social Media Content Marketing. Welcome to the age of Visual Marketing. [...]

How to lower web development costs

Unarguably, a website has earned itself a reputation of being an essential and irreplaceable business platform and graduated from being an identity extension on the web to the most important and productive customer interface for driving business ahead. [...]

How clever use of Google analytics can send your sales figures off the charts

Tons and tons of consumer data is practically worthless if you don’t know how to cleverly chisel it into meaningful building blocks that together make a befitting marketing strategy. With over half of the top 1000 performing websites on Alexa leveraging the power of Google analytics, it’s fair to sharpen your skills at better decoding the consumer data using Google Analytics than your competitor. [...]

A Roadmap to Making Your App Perform

Great apps don’t always do great in the App market.
As baffling and unfair it may sound to the stakeholders who put their money and hopes on a brilliant and novel app idea, often the download numbers simply don’t move, the app rating stars don’t shine and the app slowly gets buried under the sands of time and a thousand new apps released every day.[...]

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which is best for what?

Has your social media strategy been feeding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the exact same fodder? Is it even worth breaking a sweat to treat these powerful social media platforms differently?

The answer would’ve been a blunt no a couple of years ago. But today the social media ecosystem has evolved in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and so have its users. They’ve developed innate preferences, worked out their own ways of utilizing these platforms and visit each with a very different objective – whether consciously or subconsciously. [...]

5 Leadership Lessons for a Start-up CEO

Lately, many start ups have been showing off a fast-growing trend. Playstations, bean bags, coffee vending machines and huge superhero wall stickers have replaced iron shelves with files, reference books and conventional holders of stationary. This culture boasts a free, no-hierarchy attitude. There is no boss, there are no cubicles and there is no clock keeping an eye on you.[...]

The Biggest Cloud Trends Taking 2017 by Storm

2016 observed the game truly set in for the trinity in Cloud computing, namely Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. And deservingly so - as these companies have excelled at consistently repackaging cloud in a way that the cloud market probably never envisioned.[...]

The Client Brief – A Sad Story of Neglect

Say we’re a client. After deciding to place your precious digital assets into the hands of a Digital agency, we’re handed a Client Brief. A rather dull-looking questionnaire that we need to fill in with information that we’ve thought about, dreamed about but haven’t necessarily put to paper, ever. This brief sets things into motion and gives the agency a handle on what we the client think of our brand.[...]

How to create a Winning Content Strategy for your brand

Content is King. This ephemeral truth lets the majority of content-driven marketing strategies, websites, social media pages and digital media companies take off with confidence, but seldom lets them reach the orbit to revolve around their customer’s mind for long enough - to develop a profitable relationship for both the company and the customer and spark a revenue-generating business model. [...]

2017 and Avohi’s Ikegai 

The beginning of a year is a wonderful thing. At Avohi we’ve been planning and looking forward to this fresh slate, because it helps acquire newfound strength to navigate an increasingly competitive and creative industry. A new year prompts celebration, introspection and contemplation on your goals not only as an individual but also as an organisation.[...]

The power of digital transformation strategy 

A recent study conducted by MIT’s Sloan Management Review has indicated that organisations that aren’t ‘technologically mature’ are usually focussed on individual technologies that wouldn’t necessarily have a long-term impact on their work. This focus on operational strategy is efficient but is it optimal? [...]

Underestimating digital strategy can affect your brand negatively. Here’s why.

The world of digital marketing has been changing consistently and drastically. Audiences are more digitally literate and with the rise of mobile and smartphone penetration, there are new avenues of connection. This has meant that adaptability and connectivity are integral to the success of any venture that requires a strong digital presence. While this is self-evident,[...]

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Decodified

Accelerated mobile pages, aka AMP, is the new buzzword in the industry. Almost everyone is talking about it at one time or another. But if you are one of those who is yet to figure out what AMP is and why all this buzz around it – then you are at the right place, reading the right thing![...]

Grow your business with these retargeting tactics

Retargeting is an online advertising method with which brands can boost their visibility and in turn bring in more traffic on their websites. Statistics show that just 2% of web traffic converts into customers on the first visit. And it at this juncture that retargeting comes into play. Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a potent advertising tool specifically designed to help brands to the rach out to the 98% of their users who have not been converted into customers.[...]

How to grow your Twitter audience?

Twitter has emerged as a great medium to promote your products and broaden your client base. In fact Twitter is an integral part of every online marketing strategy. You can easily engage your audience in a more meaningful manner through tweets and re-tweets[...]

Marketing with Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence deals with collecting data on your present and potential consumers in order to understand their behavior and other purchasing activities. This data is collected from various sources and based on it you can easily create a profile of customer preferences. Based on this information you can provide highly customized experience to your customers in real time via emails, web and social media platforms as well[...]

Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2016

Consumers are surrounded by multiple social media channels and platforms, all of which vie for their attention. This is why it becomes all the more important that as a digital marketer you not only attract them towards your products and services, but also engage them in a meaningful way. Here are some digital marketing trends which if employed in the most creative and analytic manner is sure to benefit your business[...]

The Future of Digital Marketing

The world has gone digital and so has marketing. With its presence across various domains, promotion of products and brands on digital space has become the new 'in thing'. Digital marketing is no longer limited to just being an exciting medium of communication with lot of in-built dynamics. Rather it has metamorphosed into an emotional medium with emphasis on strengthening real world interactions and reaching out to the target audience in a productive manner[...]