January 6, 2017

The beginning of a year is a wonderful thing. At Avohi we’ve been planning and looking forward to this fresh slate, because it helps acquire newfound strength to navigate an increasingly competitive and creative industry. A new year prompts celebration, introspection and contemplation on your goals not only as an individual but also as an organisation.

One immediate concept that comes to mind when you say introspection is Ikegai. What is Ikigai, you ask? Well, it’s a Japanese concept that involves determining your “reason for being”. It’s the fundamental, it’s the core, it’s the very keystone of your being; and it’s deeply personal.

As an organisation, we have made a conscious decision: our Ikigai will run through the arteries of our company and give all our diverse interests and endeavours consistency in character and execution.

Among the many grandiose and ordinary goals we have set for this company, we have taken it upon ourselves to achieve these milestones while being true to our Ikegai, which in our case is a superfluous meld of growth hacking and digital innovation, because you cannot achieve one without the other and each is the by-product of the other!

After a lot of soul-searching we’ve come upon our Ikigai. What’s yours? We’d love to know!

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