We have a few tips for you.

Twitter has emerged as a great medium to promote your products and broaden your client base. In fact Twitter is an integral part of every online marketing strategy. You can easily engage your audience in a more meaningful manner through tweets and re-tweets.

In case you are wondering on how you can grow your audience through Twitter, then here is what you need to do:

1. #Understand your target group

Often it is seen that in spite of having several followers, entrepreneurs fail to convert them into a loyal customer group. This is why it becomes all the important that you understand who is your target group, so that you can put in your time and effort in engaging them in an better manner.

There are several tools which can be used by you to track the behavior of your target group. Based on this data you can give your audience highly customized solutions and build better engagement strategies.

2. #Right content

Many of us underestimate the power of a good content. Content which gives the right information to your target group is something which no social media strategist should ignore. Also it is critical that the content is brief and precise at the same time. According to Buffer, even though 140 characters is the limit on Twitter, the optimum length of a tweet is somewhere between 71-100 characters. Thus along with being engaging and informative your content also needs to be crisp and attention grabbing.

3. #Use the right hashtag

Twitter is all about using the right hashtags. But again, social media engagers either over-use hashtags, under-use it or even worse, use the wrong hashtags. You can visit or to know about popular hashtags. It is also recommended that you keep a track of the keywords used by your competitors and influencers are using. This way you can use the same keywords and target your audience.

4. #Do not forget the visual effect

A picture is surely worth more than 1000 words. And if you make use of the right pictures/ images you have actually targeted the bulls-eye. It is often seen that tweets which are visually appealing get maximum retweets, likes and helps you pull in more followers. At the same time you need to be cautious that you use only those pictures which are in-sync with your products and services. Also always keep the copyright issues in mind before using it on your post. Platforms like iStock, Unsplash, Free Range Stock etc can be used to get free as well as paid images. Needless to say the quality of the pics you use should never be compromised.

4. #Use Twitter Video

One of the most productive, yet underused feature of this micro-blogging site is its Video section. With the help of Twitter video, you can visually engage your audience, pass on power packed information and go viral. Thus if you have not used Twitter Videos till date, then it is time that you start exploring this medium as well.

These are some of the best possible tactics which you need to adopt to engage your audience and broaden your reach. Adopt them in your social media engagement strategy and see your business grow.