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When Kerala was struck with floods in the month of August, there were thousands of people losing their life and their belonging. It was a very critical situation for the people residing state to save their lives and take care of their dear ones. People were rushing to escape themselves from the harsh weather, and even the government found it difficult to take the situation under control. Good, we reside in a country where people reach out to support others in need.

Arya Rajesh Kumar, National Chair - Thought Leadership at Young Indians, CII, and CEO of Avohi Infotech, is among the members in CII-YI. CII-YI initiated a campaign “YI for Kerela” to help the flood survivors. He established boot camps for people to donate the essentials items of living. Avohi was one of the six centres in Bangalore, which lent its helping hand to collect the need-fill materials, pack them and load them on trucks. To appreciate the efforts of various organizations, CII and YI jointly organised an event at Taj Hotels, Bangalore, where Avohi was recognized for its immediate assistance towards Kerala flood relief. Moreover, CII also appreciated Avohi for being the first company in Bangalore to support “YI for Kerala”.

Pamphlets were made to circulate the information and thanks to social media, it became quite easy to create a buzz about it. Everything started with the cause of helping the people in need. We embarked on our journey on August 14, when the details and information regarding the relief centers were made available to the public. It was a sigh of relief when we got the first call around 4 pm, and then one after the other we started getting calls from the public asking about the materials required and the locations to drop.

Nearly 400-500 calls were received per day till midnight. It became tough to manage the numerous amount of calls, so some Whatsapp groups were created to provide information regarding the locations and the materials required for the same. People were asked to drop the materials they were willing to provide to their nearby location center’s. Whatsapp was synchronized with the systems, and it became easy to contact and share the information with the people. For the ease of people, we extended the time till 9 pm, so they can drop the materials even after working hours. People who were based out of Bangalore also sent the required items through Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBasket.

The day started with a few volunteers and the less amount of goods, but gradually people from the nearby locality and even the office staff took an active part. It was happy to see that the news was spreading across the city and we could have students from various colleges to help in packing the goods and allocating at the right place on the truck. Eventually, some volunteers were sent with the trucks for unloading the goods and helping the needy.

With God’s grace, everything happened smoothly, with around 70 volunteers turning up to support the cause. As a whole, six centers acted as a hub in Bangalore and nearly 22 trucks with required materials were sent to both Kerala, and Kodagu in Karnataka.