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Predictive intelligence deals with collecting data on your present and potential consumers in order to understand their behavior and other purchasing activities. This data is collected from various sources and based on it you can easily create a profile of customer preferences. Based on this information you can provide highly customized experience to your customers in real time via emails, web and social media platforms as well.

Predictive intelligence does this with the help of algorithms with which you can estimate what your customer is looking for and anticipates their intent. Due to this very reason, digital marketing experts are now employing this tool to serve their existing customers in a better manner and capture new markets as well as broaden their client base.

How does Predictive Intelligence do this?

Firstly, it builds a profile for each of your customer using JavaScript so that all the cross-channel data like web visits, purchases made, carts dropped and emails viewed is captured. Now this captured data is stored in a contact model. What makes predictive intelligence even more useful is the fact that activities of customers using anonymous web browser too is tracked and you can get a retrospective view of how your brand has engaged them.

Based on this interaction content is generated, and with each engagement the interaction gets better equipping you to go forward with a better one-to-one interaction with your client.

For example if a customer buys a mobile handset, the predictive intelligence will detect the sale and automatically send an email to the buyer suggesting accessories like mobile cover, hands-free set, spare memory card etc – thereby engaging the client in a better manner.

Predictive intelligence and Digital marketing

As a digital marketer you can use the highly distilled data for building a mutually beneficial marketing strategy which benefits your clients and your business. In short you can use the data from highly sophisticated algorithm of predictive intelligence to engage your customers in a more relevant manner and thereby achieve your marketing goals.

Surveys show that companies which use predictive intelligence managed an increase of at least 11% in the number of new clients as compared to those who have not used this amazing tool. As per Forbes Insights 86% of companies which are employing predictive marketing for at least 2 years have witnessed a substantial increase in their return of investment (ROI).

Though until last year predictive intelligence had seen more use by B2B companies, gradually B2C companies too are making use of it. This year onwards the marketing strategy are sure to be built around predictive intelligence algorithms. So roll up your sleeves and empower your marketing strategy with predictive intelligence.