We have a few tips for you.

Let’s begin with a truth many App developing companies learn the hard way –

Great apps don’t always do great in the App market.

As baffling and unfair it may sound to the stakeholders who put their money and hopes on a brilliant and novel app idea, often the download numbers simply don’t move, the app rating stars don’t shine and the app slowly gets buried under the sands of time and a thousand new apps released every day.

So what does it really take to make your game changing app successful?

Easier said than done, great apps take the best of coding, designing, consumer research, branding and marketing to really live up to their potential. Be ready if you have to pick the pen to do SWOT analysis or chalk out a product life cycle with pre launch, launch and post launch marketing strategies. Any time put into proper planning will only increase the chances of your app becoming a hit.

The roadmap to success for apps

Step 1 – Know your market

Market research will broaden your perspective about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your app. Test your app idea against competition on various parameters like novelty, features and USPs, pricing, device compatibility and market share of dominating brands.

Pro Tip – Read and analyze customer feedback and comments of the competitor apps to better understand the needs of your target audience and avoid the mistakes your competition made.

Step 2 – Know your Consumer

Get your target audience to fill questionnaires. Do everything to understand your customer’s needs and wants. Every app’s fundamental idea is to empower its user with convenience through personalization and technology. Your app should find relevance in your customer’s life by making him the hero, and not by becoming one.

Pro Tip – Profile at least 10 different target audience personalities with their hobbies, interests, media consumption habits etc. and see how your app adds value to their lives in the least possible number of finger taps.

Step 3 – Know your battleground

“It’s important to see your app as a product fighting a fierce battle for your target consumer’s attention”. And it is most important to have a communication that is impactful and concise.

The battle ground for apps is the App Store.

App store only allows 3 to 4 lines of app description space to make your sales pitch before you press “read more”. Now you may wonder this should not be hard as your app has a USP that beats any other app with similar offering hands down. Not if your messaging is not clear and action invoking.

Pro Tip - A sales pitch that’s carefully drafted to impress your target audience will always focus on solving the customer’s problem rather than boasting about its advantages. Market the experience, not the app.

Step 4 – Dressed to thrill

Right from naming your app, to its brand logo, to its visual aesthetics, everything plays a vital role in drawing the crowd towards your app. Reinforce your presence with proper launch strategy on multiple channels like website, social media and personalized e-mailer campaigns to create a thrill around your app’s debut.

Pro Tip – Use your apps update description space as a free platform for informing future add ons, feature updates and enhancements to hook your target audience. Customers want to know more than just “bug fixes”

Step 5 – Follow up Strategy

The winning tactic is to stay over and above the competition. And this requires constant engagement and alignment with the changing/increasing consumer expectations. Use data analytics and measure quantitative performance indicators like daily/monthly active users, retention rate and even uninstalls.

Pro Tip - Encourage your users to share and like your app by giving away incentives like 1 month free premium features on sharing it on Facebook etc.


Great apps too require deft marketing strategies that need not necessarily involve huge budgets. Long termed goals and realistic revenue generation targets must be put in place to chart a success story that’s sustainable in the highly unpredictable and evolving app market where it’s easy to lose focus and become history.

Our tips ensure your app doesn’t face for the most common pitfalls that can be the difference between success and failure.

Hope you found them useful. We’ll be happy to see if you found them valuable and would love to see your additions to our game plan for app success in our comments section.