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Education Institutes must leverage all the benefits of Social Media today, as it has become one of the most important channels for students across the world to connect with universities and educational institutes and take up their programmes.

“A survey showed over 4000 teachers in U.S use 64% Social Media for social and 33% for academic purposes.”

Employing Social Media can help in increasing the speed of knowledge and brand identity, reducing communication costs, increasing innovation and bringing in a human element in the way the education institutes are communicating with prospect students.

In the 21st century, Social Media has come up as the game changer with various forms of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, & websites.

Why Social Media is Useful for Education Sector

1- The Millennial Factor

What has really helped the Education Sector is the fact that Social Media is much more popular in millennial and younger age groups under 35, and they accept it as a dependable and convenient source of information on educational institutes and universities.

“Students accept Social Media as a trustworthy and usable source of information”

2 - Peer Influence

Social media peer influence in students is immense as they are very well-connected and getting updates on each other every day. Universities understand this and project their students as their brand ambassadors. They posts are often made by students from the university and often cover important events at the university or college.

3 – Brand Humanization

Social Media Channels also bring in a human face and emotion to the entire equation, thereby portraying a true picture of how the life in that college or university will be. Aspiring students also make efforts to connect with University students to get personal information about the opportunities and education offered by the college.

Why Education Industry should take Social Media seriously

Greater Connectivity -

Social Media allows students to access information and important admission dates directly and easily from the University’s Social Page. It also acts as a two way channel to connect with career councillors, get their queries answered. Social Media remains to be the best platform for information and admission related search for Foreign Universities.

Community Factor -

Social Media Page can also create a positive impact on aspiring students by bringing in the community factor. Using the social media page for community posts, events, alumni meets and corporate connections is a great way to show how the education institute comprises of talented and active community of students and alumni.

Testing Grounds -

On a different experimental note, a Social Media page for a university can also act like a channel to experiment new ways of recruitment and admission related exercises. Social Media gives an instant feedback on different recruitment campaigns and their success allowing one to analyze and fine tune the university marketing messages.

Many Channels -

Social Media provide a two-way advantage, as it can facilitate in setting up a communication between the admission cell and students, it can also help one student in sharing valuable information with his or her peers through the same platform.

“The trickle-down effect of Information in Social Media helps Universities”

Archive your excellence -

The first thing one does when opening a Social Media Page is scroll down to see how the page has performed in recent past. An active social media page for universities simply means a more happening and exciting student life. For a prospect student who is interested in taking up admission, a good social media page history acts as a positive influence.

“Having an online presence often contribute towards a positive approach towards the institute.”

How Social Networking Can Enhance Study Abroad

It’s harder for students from other countries to get information and knowledge about foreign universities. Many international universities understand the importance of having a Social Media Page for attracting students globally.

“Social networking is playing a vital role in searching best universities and well-known study-abroad destinations.”

Universities also set up virtual assistants with multi lingual abilities to tap into the global talent. Language translation and country specific targeting based on language is also carried out using Social Media.

Universities upload their campus videos on YouTube and other social networking sites so that students sitting at their own places in their country have a virtual visit to Universities.


In the digital age, Universities must integrate a sound social media strategy for attracting the best talent and staying ahead in the game. Avohi Infotech specializes in creating digital marketing strategy and social media engagement for Universities with many reputed clients in the education sector like IIM Bengaluru, International School of Business and Computing.