We have a few tips for you.

Consumers are surrounded by multiple social media channels and platforms, all of which vie for their attention. This is why it becomes all the more important that as a digital marketer you not only attract them towards your products and services, but also engage them in a meaningful way. Here are some digital marketing trends which if employed in the most creative and analytic manner is sure to benefit your business.

1.Push the brand using Snapchat

In 2015, this video/ photo messaging app literally took the world by storm. Yet many brands did not use this vital social channel to engage their target audience. But this year it is not at all advisable that you ignore Snapchat. Also you can not ignore the fact that realtime experience has become a vital feature of digital marketing. Today users want to be a part of the experience and not just be an observer. This is precisely where, Snapchat will be of great help. You can create teasers for your upcoming products and services with videos/ photos thereby adding an element of exclusivity to your campaign.

2.Target the interest of your audience through Pinterest

Pinterest in fact has emerged as a one of the 'coolest' digital marketing mediums. Not only do you get to capture the attention of the consumers, but with amazing pins you can easily drive the right traffic on your website and gain better conversion rates. You can also use animated cinematic pins to target them based on their interest as reflected on Pinterest. Animated cinematic pins are set in motion once the user scrolls it and stops playing once the scrolling is stopped. This way not only do you engage them well, but you also make them a part of the process which is what the consumer is looking for.

3.Think of Twitter and Facebook as an effective means for Search and Ecommerce

Go beyond Google to sell your brand. By being actively present on Facebook and Twitter not only are you widening your consumer base, and targeting your audience; but you can also engage with them in an effective manner and get insights about their likes, dislikes and expectations. As consumers get to search your products and services on these two mediums, your brand gets improved visibilty and conversion rates.

4.Do not forget Instagram

Often digital marketers do not give Instagram as much importance as is poured out on other social media channels. But one should never ignore the importance of visual stimulation in the successful placing and marketing of a brand. And this is what you can do effortlessly through Instagram. Already Instagram is offering paid advertising through developer partners like 4C, Nanigans, Brand Networks, Ampush etc. This year on Instagram ads are available to all the advertisers. Thus it will be the right move if you come up with a creative strategy to promote and sell your products and services through Instagram.

5.Choose identity based pay-per-click marketing

With AdWords launching its 'identity based pay-per-click' marketing option, you can easily target the right audience on the basis of their email and phone number. This enhanced PPC method is actually though gives the impression of email marketing, is far better from it as you do not have to limit the number of blasts in order to bring down the number of unsubscribers. Also unlike email marketing, in this case the target audience can not unsubscribe from your ads.

6.Pay importance to content remarketing

Often digital marketers think that content remarketing and retargeting are the one and the same. This of course is wrong. Content remarketing involves tagging the visitors on your website and targeting them with the content after they leave. This way you get an opportunity to get in touch with people who are interested in product thereby allowing you to interact with them in a better manner.

7.Let your brand be marketed by its consumers

The opinion your consumers hold about your brand, talks volumes about it. And this is why it becomes all the more important that you always work towards satisfying your consumers in the best possible manner. Their opinion gets easily viewed on the social media and creates an impression about your brand which no amount of advertising can change. This impression created by them plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. Therefore it becomes all the more important that you make an effort to engage them in an effective manner.

Capture the power of these trends and make the right impact on your consumers. Let the digital space see your products and services in a whole new light this 2016!