March 14, 2018

The digital market is like a huge, double-decker chocolate cake that everyone is hustling and bustling to eat. It is true that the prospect of growth online is infinite. It is also true that both germinating and established names can optimize this scope. However, only a handful of names succeed. You might think about why!? Not riding the changing trends of digital marketing is one of the reasons.

There is no space for the outdated in the digital scenery. No matter whether you have achieved an exalted position online or just starting out, keeping abreast of the latest digital marketing trends is a must. This helps longstanding players find out if their digital marketing techniques are still bringing results or require some serious tweaking. Fresh names in the field can build their digital marketing strategies from scratch by mastering the newest trends.

Business Needs in 2018

The size of the digital marketplace is growing and the need to reach out to the untapped parts of this market is higher than ever. At such a time, incorporating the right digital marketing techniques is the sine qua non for success. Experienced Digital marketing companies have a penchant for filtering the deluge of delusional marketing fads and selecting only the crème de la crème for clients. In the following is a list of the current ruling trends of digital marketing space for you to check out.

Artificial Intelligence is the Way to Go

It is time to let go of misconceptions regarding artificial intelligence taking over human roles. It is also time to stop mocking Siri as a showoff, without much true functionality. Leave all your hesitations at the doorway of new-age digital marketing and make way for brand new AI integration. Artificial intelligence is the topmost trending digital marketing tactic to use. It can help in relieving the burden of completing a number of logic-driven tasks that take up a huge chunk of time if done manually. However, the field that will be thoroughly revolutionized by the impact of AI is user experience. Aligning your on-going content marketing strategies with AI will enable you to provide a more personalized experience for the audience. Keeping a note of their preferences will become as smooth as a cakewalk. AI-driven, voice and touch-based communication systems are also expected to give customer relationships a boost very soon. Plus, AI is being used for building vendor applications that businesses of all sizes can access through open source libraries. AI language processing system work through chat-bots, making it easier to keep in touch with the customers.

Augmented Reality is the Elixir of Engagement

Augmented reality is the magic potion for removing the barrier between real and virtual worlds. It is especially helpful in changing your social media marketing game. You can even enhance how your brand interacts with consumers with augmented reality. For example, brands can provide AR content that the target audience will be able to access from their specific location. This is similar to the technology used in Pokémon Go. Social media platforms will soon make use of it for driving user engagement to the next level of exceptional. Another way of using augmented reality is to let interested buyers trial products out online. Brands like Estèe Lauder is using this technique for letting buyers try lipstick shades on skin tone matching to theirs. This leads to making more instant buying decisions. Giving the target audience a taste of the actual experience of how it feels to have your product or services in a virtual platform is surely the big thing among trending Digital marketing services.

Multi-Channel Marketing is the Norm

Previously, marketers were simply trying to optimize various social media platforms to gain traction in the online marketplace. The scenario has drastically changed as the focus has shifted from the platforms to the audience. Smart digital marketing is not being simply present in social media and posting content but engaging the customers across diverse channels. With the help of advanced analytics brought to you by digital marketing companies, discovering the touchpoints between brand and audience is easier. You can find out the minutia of customer preferences without sweating! Thus, creating or offering content according to their needs is can be hassle-free. Automation of campaigns and targeted messaging at the right time are two important aspects of multi-channel marketing that delivers tangible results quicker.

Social Media Analytics has become more Meaningful

With the internet becoming cheaper and free Wi-Fi access gaining popularity across all metros, a massive surge in the number of netizens is expected this year. This will naturally impact social media marketing strategies. The one area of the social media marketing that is changing rapidly is social media analytics. Numbers of clicks do not matter as much as before. What happens after a click is what brands are looking at. Even after clicking and spending time on your website, customers may back off at the last moment. That’s where cutting-edge social media analytics come into play. It helps in getting more clarity about the problem points faced by individual buyers. Social media analytics can also reveal the choices of target audience better and enable brands to allure buyers with products that match their desires. For example, a restaurant can figure out which are their best-loved dishes by meticulously analysing social media data. Yes, that’s the level of precision social media analytics is about to reach for your benefit.

Visual Contents will Secure Maximum Impact

YouTube users worldwide are watching videos for a total of billion hours every day. Even 82% of Twitter users love to watch videos over other content. The number of videos watched and shared per day on Facebook is a staggering 8 billion. These social media video watching statistics is proof of the importance of visual content. Needless to say, businesses are gearing to put the power of videos and other types of visual content to use this year. A plus point of visual content is its variety such as live streaming videos and 360-degree videos. They are useful in giving users a closer, real-time experience of products and services online. Expert digital marketers can utilize visual content for increasing website traffic and boosting Google ranking as well.

The invigorating and target-oriented digital marketing trends will soon bridge the gap between brands and users, enhancing customer experiences further.

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