March 31, 2017

A recent study conducted by MIT’s Sloan Management Review indicates that organizations that aren’t ‘technologically mature’ are focused on individual technologies that wouldn’t have a long-term impact on their work.

The same holds true for marketing too. If you keep track of the leading global companies and the type of marketing tactics they employ, you won’t be surprised to see them completely adopt digital marketing strategies. They create their marketing ecosystems to connect well with the audience.

Let’s look at how some of our clients achieved digital success in their industry through Digital Marketing strategies that worked successfully for them.

Digital Success Story – MDforLives

MDforLives is a fast-growing privileged community of doctors, and allied healthcare professionals from the world’s fastest-growing economies. A part of Borderless Access market research company, MDforLives conducts KOL, market research, focus groups and other studies empowering pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical device companies with hard-to-get information across emerging countries.

The Challenge

Following their recent launch, MDforLives marketing team tasked us with the challenge to craft a Digital Strategy that could help them enter their target audience’s mind space.

We knew it was not an easy task for multiple reasons:

Avohi Diagnosis for MDforLives

  • Doctors across countries follow very busy schedules
    Doctors on average spend 12 to 14 hours attending patients, limiting both media consumption time and social media usage.
  • Establishing an identity that clearly differed from Pharmaceutical Marketing
    In many countries like India, Pharmaceutical Marketing is not given adequate value by doctors, emphasizing the need to differentiate to earn the right brand reputation. Also, strict regulations control direct-to-consumer advertising and communication.
  • Establishing the doctor’s vital role in healthcare innovation by participation
    A Doctor’s profession is where technology and practice meet. Their experience serves as an insight for many innovations given the fact that they actively participate. This also serves as a bigger business objective for our client to increase their client base and business development.
  • Credibility and Personal Privacy concerns

The Solution

Avohi Rx

Avohi Digital Team got down to business to chalk out a Digital Strategy, that could tackle all the challenges in a cost-effective, measurable and result-oriented manner.

Feeling the pulse

Avohi Strategy team researched how the doctor’s consumed content, their preferred media channels and areas of interest. We also factored in the trends, channels and key messaging used by competitor’s to craft a unique and effective Digital plan comprising of Social Media and Online Content.

Our teams outlined the most effective way of grabbing the doctor’s attention by:

  • Providing them valuable updates on healthcare innovation and advancements by acting like a dedicated-one-stop news feed
  • Running specialized campaigns that addressed challenges like participation, credibility & benefits separately
  • Running online Polls and quizzes on subjects that mattered to the doctor’s fraternity
  • Creating Blog Posts on diverse topics valued by Doctors for upgrading knowledge

Digital Strategy

We employed Twitter and Facebook as communication channels and a dedicated WordPress website for Content through blogs.

Twitter primarily engaged the doctors with interesting healthcare news and multiple posts every day acting as a news feed.

Facebook was employed as a platform for running brand building activities, visually rich campaigns, polls and conversation starters for the doctor’s community.

Blog site played the role of providing valuable learning resource for doctors to upgrade their knowledge.

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