October 4, 2017

One can say in India that Real Estate lacks real-time information. And though the real-estate sector is facing a slump period, there are still untapped opportunities that digital marketing can offer.

The real estate market in India will touch 180 billion dollars by 2020 as the projections suggest, contributing to about 6% of India’s GDP. For real estate firms adapting to the digital is more than a strategy, it’s a necessity for surviving through armed with disruption.

Information and analytics is one field in real estate that is capable of offering unique solutions and even changing the way real estate functions. Using metrics, one can really apply the same –e-commerce website principles and offer the consumers – the power of information – to make well-informed decisions.

At Avohi, we are capable of understanding online business dynamics, the website traffic and the intricate behaviour pattern of browsers to craft strategies that create winning and often disruptive customer experiences. Some we were able to deliver for our esteemed client – Purple Yo.

The Client

Commercial Real Estate – Purple Yo

Incorporated in January 2015, Purple Yo is essentially a big data and analytics platform for the real-estate sector, providing information to entities that have a commercial real-estate requirement.

The Challenge

Purple Yo has come to be a household name as an open-access commercial real estate platform. They also took it upon themselves to provide real-time analytics and collaboration capabilities to help customers make informed choices.

Key Services

Our focus was to understand the brand at its very core and architect the entire developmental framework based on this.

Our Approach

Research: Research entailed digging very deep into the root of the brand as well as the market. We wanted to have a clear understanding of this booming industry and get into the mind of potential clients – by highlighting Purple Yo’s most unique and saleable aspects.


The UX: Creating a website with solid UX-compliance based on our research, we made sure that the user was able to procure everything he searched for immediately.

The Tech: Using node js and angular, our team of experienced technologists created a framework that was secure and fluid.

The Result

Purple Yo now has a website that is the perfect balance between optimum user experience (to boost enquiries and consequently sign-ups) and optimum client satisfaction – thanks to technological efficacy. We currently run analytics for them and they are happy customers, which makes us happy Avohians!

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