June 5, 2017


Unarguably, a website has earned itself a reputation of being an essential and irreplaceable business platform and graduated from being an identity extension on the web to the most important and productive customer interface for driving business ahead.

Research has shown that a majority of customers today judge a company or brand by its website, and there’s a dedicated team of web development experts who are into creating stunning web experiences for the customers to make the most of that opportunity.


The Web Development Dilemma – Cost or Quality?

But getting a website developed and up is not as easy as it sounds. And there are many underlying reasons to why many brands and companies carry a distinct scepticism about hiring a web design and development companies and the costing they put forth for a web development project.

While web development companies do quote towards a slightly higher side, it can be seen as their premeditated measure to include multiple iterations, additions and unexpected tasks that arise when working with clients who are not very clear about their website objective.

How to plan wisely to save loads of money and time for your website development

Let’s go through the push-pull dynamics of cost Vs quality.

Low cost website might look like a great idea in the beginning, but on a longer run, it never yields and just takes space on the internet, not adding to your business objective at all.

“Initial Investments on the website can be recovered by an increase in brand equity, sales conversion and even long termed use of the same web portal.”

Web developers consider multiple factors before they give you the quote for web development.

Factors on which website costs depend

  • The website’s size and depth – number of drop downs and website pages in your portal
  • Website platform to be used like HTML or WordPress
  • Add on Features like Feedback, Payment Gateway integration
  • Design Aesthetics and Customized design for buttons, tabs and panels
  • Inclusion of graphical content like videos, images and animation
  • Content size and placement
  • SEO Optimization and Google Analytics

Customers can find the right balance of cost-quality by themselves.

The easiest and most effective way to control website costs is to have a clear cut objective and initial knowledge of the web development trends and practices. This may need doing a little homework, but it’s far better than wasting unaccounted hours and money on fixing issues at a later stage.

How to have a website objective

Consider these questions before you go to a web development company

1 – What is your website’s business objective, both long-termed and short-termed?

Having a goal ensures that you don’t overspend on features that you need in your website. A long-termed goal also helps you to carry on with the same web portal for long without the need to redesign it every year.

2 – Does your website need constant updates and constant customer engagement?

Different web development platforms offer different benefits like speed, easy-to-update by yourself, browsing experiences and dynamics. For example, it’s wise to choose wordpress as a platform if you want to manage your website all by yourself.

3 – Custom design or template?

There are many ready to use web templates available ranging from basic design to e-retail web portals, that are cheaper to employ than developing a fully customized website. One must weight each to its merit before taking the decision.

By considering all these factors, one can minimize costs and maximize the results. Avohi Infotech, a leading web development company in Bangalore offer professional consultation prior to web development to increase the chances of client satisfaction and on-time delivery.

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