September 6, 2017

E-commerce websites have the challenge of creating a browsing experience for its consumers that is both persuasive and delightful. The browser must get the ‘Voila’ moments without even realizing that there is a strategic design behind this surprising find – be it jewellery or any other product.

A right mix of consumer behaviour with technology can offer predictability to the e-commerce company, so they can effectively exploit it, and delight to the consumers as they’ll come across the exact products they are looking for.

Ecommerce Service Providers

The online jewellery market is a very competitive online space that is highly driven by aesthetics and relative browsing ease, something not very different from a real-life jewellery store.

Here’s the story of how the creative minds and techie geeks at Avohi got together to create a highly successful online jewellery shopping experience – E-Commerce Website

Key Project Highlights

  • Design & Development of a Dynamic E-commerce jewellery store using Magento
  • Integration of add-on features like Chatbots, pop-ups, offers and sale boosters
  • Integration of daily currency conversions aiding worldwide orientation
  • SEO and UX Strategies

Client is a fast-growing online jewellery gifting destination which focus on high-quality Diamond Jewellery, Gold Coins, Gold Pyramid and Jewellery with spectacular and exquisite designs. Zomint offers competitive prices and unique shopping experience to its customers to stand out as one-stop destination to fulfil all your gifting needs for any occasion.


The online jewellery market is very competitive. It favours visually-driven aesthetics that must provide ease and comfort to the customer’s eyes as they scan through intricate designs. Also, the consumers in this segment take decisions based on pricing, offers and discounts.

Zomint challenged us to design and develop their e-commerce store to offer heightened customer shopping experience and dominate the competition by exhibiting a great collection with high appeal visual aesthetics.

Key Challenges faced

  • Adhering to the highly customized client requirements
  • Implementing detailed workflows and integrate multiple features
  • SEO and Design Strategies
  • Daily currency conversion integration
  • Customer engagement through chatbox and pop-ups


Our tech team highly specializes in a modern and robust e-commerce platform – Magento. Having a capable and resource-friendly back-end allowing the integration of many features and an equally dynamic customer interface, we addressed Zomit’s business challenges far exceeding their expectations.

  • To enhance shopping experience we added matchless functionalities like the inclusion of chat support, pop-ups featuring promotions and discounts and a solid SEO.
  • Simple and slick UX interface with visually driven navigation strategy emulated real-life shopping experience.
  • Currency conversion and action invoking pricing display for ensuring low cart abandonment
  • Modern yet clean design interface that facilitated in faster page loading to reduce navigation time

Technology Used

Custom Magento


We delivered and deployed the business portal with zero defects within the committed timelines.

The novel and highly customized e-commerce portal helped Zomit reach their business objectives way in advance.

Dynamic customer engagement for better conversion of website footfalls and repeat visits.

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