Mobile-Optimized Websites Bring More Business to You

March 16, 2020

When was the last time you used your mobile phone? Or, maybe you are using it right now to read this blog! Let’s begin by admitting that a startling percentage of humankind has become dependent on these sleek smart devices.

With hundreds of apps, social media platforms, web-browsing facilities assimilated on an interactive user-interface addiction is a given. More and more people are joining the mobile bandwagon and that’s exactly why your business’s website to needs to be optimized for the mobile devices.

Mobile Optimization

Web-browsing from traditional devices is more casual, often lacking purpose or direction. When people use and access web from their mobile devices they have some specific requirements in mind. They know what they want and how to look for it. It can be reading product reviews, getting travelling information, looking for guidelines on further studies or finding clinics for treatment. Such purpose-driven searches are more likely to land customers on your website.

Having a mobile-friendly website can help in impressing and retaining them, leading to successful conversion. On the other hand, an orthodox approach of having only a basic website can curb the quality of user experience.

No wonder, all the reputed and established businesses have opted for a Mobile responsive website. If you are still mulling over whether or not to make the switch, read on to find out how optimizing for mobiles can boost your business.

Because of Mobiles Mean Business

There are many businesses which are localized such as shops, delivery services, hospitals, clinics, educational institutes, and restaurants, etc. They need to be found online. Having a website is not enough at all. Most of your audience is online through hand-held devices.

With numerous affordable mobile models launched into the market and tariffs for internet packages going down, the number of users is steadily spiralling upwards. More than 300 million people in India are accessing the web through smartphones. This huge crowd loves to check out business websites to have information at their fingertips.

Simple and user-friendly layouts of mobile websites are helpful in attracting them and communicating with them. According to a study done by Google on one-thousand web users in the US, 67% of users show more interest in buying from a mobile-optimized website than their non-mobile optimized counterparts.

What’s more, around 61% mentioned that they do not waste time in finding things for long in websites that are not optimized for smartphones. They swiftly move to other ones with better responsiveness. Approximate 50% of users said that they might like a business but if their website is not mobile-friendly, they don’t visit it. These statistics underline the importance of mobile websites.

Because Greater Web-Traffic Translates into Better Conversion

According to analytical studies, e-commerce platforms get more than half of the traffic from mobile phones. Smartphones have increased web-accessibility and in turn, reduced the sale of old-fashioned desktop computers.

Laptops too are used for work, playing games and watching movies more than browsing the net. Naturally, mobile devices are driving traffic to websites. Needless to say, the increase in traffic can also drive conversion and sales growth. The new generations of smartphone users are accustomed to slimmer devices since a tender age. As a result, most of them don’t find the idea of doing needful research for a pub, multiplex, dentist’s clinic or café attractive. Having a well-optimized mobile website ensures that you keep impacting generation after generation. Having both a desktop website and a mobile website is not a viable solution as it makes you spend on the same thing twice over.

Plus, Google can penalise you for having duplicate content, affecting your search engine ranking adversely. Having a mobile-friendly website in the first place can save you a lot of trouble.

Because Mobile Users are an Impatient Lot

Thanks to talented developers who have built an array of astonishingly user-friendly apps, mobile users have got used to getting what they need in a jiffy. When they are in a hurry they use the smartphone as a problem-solving tool. Delay is something they cannot tolerate. As you can guess, appeasing them is a difficult task. The non-mobile optimized websites often face major bounce rates from their web-pages despite having good content. In case, you are offering visual content mobile optimization becomes more crucial. Though the netizens love to watch video content, watching them in a non-mobile friendly website can be dampening. Even with a great database of images or videos, you will still find it difficult to attract or retain users. Mobile web development services can get your website perfectly optimized and ready to be accessed through smartphones, mitigating issues pertaining to bounce rates.

Because Enriched Experience Means Engaged Users

When a customer of your business shares your desktop websites link on social media platforms or with a peer, what will happen? Those with whom the link is shared will click on it and visit your website. However, desktop websites take their own sweet time to load on mobile devices, resulting in irritation among prospective customers.

As a consequence, you will be losing business that was coming to you through referrals. A mobile-friendly website will load faster not only on smartphone devices but also on laptops or desktops. Certainly, they can make your website far more accessible to the targeted audience.

Non-mobile optimized websites also offer a number of user hurdles like tinier font size and an elongated design making it harder to find exact content. Constantly pinching and scrolling can be a hindrance for the users too. A Mobile responsive website doesn’t pose such problems. In giving a better experience to users, mobile websites gain confidence and loyalty of users for your business.

Because Google Says So

Mobile-friendly is one of the prime factors based on which Google judges your website’s worthiness for a top-rank. To be a strong contestant in the online landscape you need to get a high ranking in search engine mammoths like Google and Bing. For this making, your website mobile optimized is absolutely unavoidable.

Google’s algorithm gives priority to websites that are mobile-friendly to give users an excellent experience. When a website’s rank goes down, the inbound traffic decreases drastically. To witness your SEO efforts bring desired results a mobile website is a precondition. Mobile web development has turned optimizing websites for smartphones cost-effective as they need little maintenance. Thus, having a mobile website is good for your business from every aspect.

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