February 22, 2018

Gone are the days when the content was a simple medium of communicating information. In this post-digital era content must be optimized as a key to attract and engage the audience. You might say that visual content is what sells these days and that’s absolutely correct.

However, without good to read content, brimming full of useful information, visual content too may fall flat. But, loading your website with content is not enough anymore. With more than 2.56 billion users on social networking platforms globally, one of the tried tested yet highly trending digital marketing techniques is creating clickable content.

Sadly the concept of clickable content has been misused and manhandled by many. The internet is full of written gibberish that only misleads readers into clicking, offering nothing in terms of entertainment or information. This has even created a bias against content! So much so that people now think twice before clicking on content links fearing wastage of time.

Under such circumstances, offering quality content that has real substance can help your brand gain both recognition and respect. For this, you need a smart clickable Content marketing strategy that not only hooks the audience but also earns their loyalty. Here follow some strategies that you can apply.

1.Start by Transforming the Headers

When it comes to clickable content, headers have a powerful role to play. Often even well-worded, worthwhile content get ignored due to dab and dull header. Netizens have a formidably intolerant attention span. While scrolling through social media pages they come into contact with your content only through the header and a small description or excerpt. Within this very minimum scope of grabbing their attention, you have to work your magic. Quirky, funny, surprising headers that stir their interest will get your content more readers.

At the same time, you must steer clear of click-baiting headers. These headers are the ones that promise what the actual content doesn’t offer. It may increase clickability but bounce rates from the content page will be high. Moreover, readers might unfollow your social media handle and stop trusting your brand. A professional Content marketing agency has the flair to come up with headers that bring your content to the limelight without being irrelevant.

2.Merge Readable Language with Interesting Context

Hard to read, stodgy language stuffed with complex and complicated sentences is plain bad for your content. Make use of second person and simpler sentences to address your audience directly to build a connection with them. Personalizing the content is helpful in calling the readers to take an action like clicking on a link to an e-commerce page, checking out products or registering for a free trial. A big no-no for online content is passive voice.

Passive voice is not only difficult to read but too formal to be endearing. Another highly important aspect of content is choosing the right context. If you are creating content understanding whether it is required or not is essential. More important is finding out what kind of information your target audience needs or what type of content is most appealing to them.

For example, if you are an e-Commerce business trying to market anti-acne products first create a blog on remedies for acne. Place the link to the second blog on best acne products with links to the buying pages at a cleverly chosen spot within it. If the remedies blog gains the reliance of readers they will be more likely to find out what acne reducing products you have in store. Detailed research on the lifestyle, habits, requirements, and preferences of the target audience helps in developing a brilliant Content marketing strategy and click-worthy content.

3.Make Them Sharable

The backbone of your clickable content strategy is social sharing. Your content will not reach anyone if there are not easy sharing options. Some websites have social sharing buttons at the end of an article. This works too but not as well as social sharing buttons on the side which the reader can see while scrolling. If they find a line or paragraph interesting they can click and share directly without having to scroll to the end of the page. Also, make certain that the social media sharing buttons are attractive and clearly visible.

Why just social media sharing! Add a button to share quickly to a WhatsApp contact too. More often than not, readers want to share content with a certain group of people, a specific friend or a special someone. The option to directly share on WhatsApp makes this easier, rather than copying the link and pasting it.

4.Visual Aids

The presentation takes the cake everywhere. Your clickable content cannot be an exception. Visual elements are the must-haves of the content presentation. After all, 90% of the information the human mind absorbs is visual. Even, 93% of the communication humans do is visual. The human brain processes visual information in lighting speed! That’s why it is necessary to corroborate and strengthen your written content with matching visual aids.

Customized infographics, gif, and graphical designs will double the enticing power of your content. Plus, adding visual aids communicates your integrity to the audience. They can feel your earnestness and start trusting you more. In addition, use your business’s branding like logo or watermark on every visual subject. This is a safe way for protecting the copyright of images without getting into any hassles. An experienced Content marketing agency always takes care of such minutia with great expertise.

5.Like Platform, Like Strategy

he same clickable content strategy will not work for all social media platforms. Apart from some apparent similarities, all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have their own distinctive personalities.

The “buy” or “Sell” posts are less clicked on Facebook. But, it is a great platform for getting readers or viewers with a well-written post copy.

Your “best-of” listicles will be more appreciated in LinkedIn. Twitter has increased the number of characters per post but the content still has to be witty and focused. Image descriptions help a brand make difference at Instagram. The right strategy for each social media platform is the soul of clickable content.

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